I wrote some poems.


The collection is called Houses and it's published by Aventine Press.


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Houses: Poems by Homer Starkey


In Houses, his first poetry collection, Homer Starkey explores past trauma, sudden loss, self-isolation, and the spirit's ultimate rejuvenation.


At times pithy and playful, other times a stream of somber consciousness, these collected poems interlace humor and sorrow to reflect the beautiful struggle of life.




Sample poems:



What to Do When the World Ends


When cougars lose their claws

When rednecks don't say "y'all"

When porn stars want to cuddle

The remaining sane should huddle


When praised poets fill stadiums

When Texas belles won't wear their mums

When husbands tell wives, "I understand"

We should all come up with a plan




Leaves, Autumn


We fall, are grieved, decay

Like the sins we bring,

Our imperfections,

Our championed things


Now the world of lofty song--

These bucolic gardens--

Fossilize in disrepair;

The heart and phloem hardens


Our punishment is this:

Not limbo or hell or black,

But days finding ways to make more days,

None of which exact




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