I wrote a book.


It's called You WILL Believe in Love and it's published by Aventine Press.


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You Will Believe in Love


A Tale of Love’s Little Kinks: You WILL Believe in Love is the story of two unlikely friends and would-be entrepreneurs. One an impulsive optimist and the other a perpetual skeptic, they find themselves in yet another situation for which they are ill prepared—but this time one that involves matters of the heart.Enter a dominatrix, a kept artist, and a host of other colorful characters that only seem to make matters that much worse for the duo. Set a decade ago in and around Houston, the novel begs the question: what must you admit about yourself before you can truly believe in love? 




You WILL Believe in Love has excellent tempo and real Texas characters that you love to love or hate. The characters think and say the things we wish we had the courage to express. I knew after the first few pages that I would like this book and the story didn't disappoint me.

—Terry Jude Miller, author of The Butterfly Canonical




Book Description (Back Cover):
When flighty ne'er-do-well Gab comes to his sensible friend Pal looking for help in starting a primal scream therapy business, Pal is reluctant to indulge him, having almost lost his shirt in their last venture (a house cleaning service staffed by ex-cons). But this time Gab seems determined to do better, and Pal gives in. Spurred on by hatred of the 9-to-5 world, Gab convinces his girlfriend—a married artist—to relinquish half her studio space for the therapy sessions. However, the project gets sidetracked when an unusual candidate enters the picture: a beautiful, whip-smart dominatrix. And when Pal meets their new venture partner, he realizes that this time, he might lose not just his shirt but also his vulnerable heart. The question is, will they have world enough and time for love to bloom?



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