Writer and Novelist

I wrote a book, You Will Believe in Love, and you can buy it. I also write a bit for my day job.

Creative Director

During the day, I get to work with designers, writers, and other talented people.

Not a Photographer

I point. I shoot. I delete a bunch of pictures off of my computer, but I keep some, too.

More about me, in the third person.


Homer Starkey is a creative director by trade and the author of You WILL Believe in Love, his

first novel. He is also a contributor to marketing publications, most recently the The 7 Secrets of Super-Successful Content Creation Teams, edited by Jonathan Kranz.


A graduate of the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program, he has lived in Houston and surrounding areas all of his life.


When he is not directing or writing creatively, you can probably find him outdoors trying to remember how to take photographs with his beloved Canon 6D using assorted lenses. He's really excited about a new 85mm lens right now.


Check out his work by clicking the links at the top of this page.


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