Homer Starkey

Homer Starkey is the author of You WILL Believe in Love, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.


A graduate of the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program, he lives in Houston with his family.


You WILL Believe in Love is his first novel.

You WILL Believe in Love: A Tale of Love’s Little Kinks


You WILL Believe in Love is the story of two unlikely friends and would-be entrepreneurs. One an impulsive optimist and the other a perpetual skeptic, they find themselves in yet another situation for which they are ill prepared—but this time one that involves matters of the heart. Enter a dominatrix, a kept artist, and a host of other colorful characters that only seem to make matters that much worse for the duo. Set a decade ago in and around Houston, the novel begs the question: what must you admit about yourself before you can truly believe in love?


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